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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with an item for any reason, simply call us within 60 days of the invoice date. We will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, and you can return the item for credit. There will be no restocking charge on any stock item returned within the 60 day limit. In some cases, non-stock items will be subject to a restocking charge or may not be returnable. Custom made items are not returnable.

We stand behind the warranties of our suppliers and will repair or replace any defective merchandise in accordance with its warranty. Occasionally, we will ask you to return the product directly to the manufacturer, which will allow us to expedite the process. No claims can be made for labor or shipping costs unless they are specified in the manufacturer's warranty.

Please remember, all returns are subject to our thorough inspection. In order to receive credit, the returned item must be in complete, new, and resalable condition unless the product is determined to be defective.

You Talk, We Listen

We value your opinion. It is the foundation of our business. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please call us. Our staff and management are prepared to listen to you at any time. We want your relationship with FMP to be as easy and profitable for you as possible.

Quality Products

Please Note: replacement parts shown on this site are not necessarily purchased from the original equipment manufacturer. Franklin Machine Products believes all its parts to be well suited for use as replacements for the identified OEM parts. When installed properly, each replacement part should perform at least as well as the product part it replaces.

The use of manufacturers' numbers are for reference purposes only. They do not imply that an item was purchased from or made for a specific manufacturer.

FMP will be closed on the following dates in 2016:

  • New Year's Day - Friday, January 1
  • Memorial Day - Monday, May 30
  • Independence Day - Monday, July 4
  • Labor Day - Monday, September 5
  • Thanksgiving - Thursday, November 24 & Friday, November 25
  • Christmas - Monday, December 26 (Observed)

FMP will be attending the following trade shows in 2016:

  • FEDA Convention 2016, Tucson, AZ - Mar 30 – Apr 3
  • PRIDE Spring Conference, Denver, CO - Apr 8 – 13
  • The Singer Show, Elverson, PA - Apr 10 – 11
  • SEFA 30th Annual Partnership Conference, Kapalua, Maui, HI - Apr 10 – 15
  • ABC Spring Conference, San Antonio, TX - May 2 – 5
  • EXCELL Conference, Palm Springs, CA - May 16 – 19
  • CFESA Spring Conference, Chicago, IL - May 19 – 20
  • The NRA Show, Chicago, IL, Booth # 1063 - May 21 – 24
  • Expo Restaurante 2016, Mexico City, Mexico-– Jun 22 – 24
  • EXCELL VETS Training, Falls Church, VA - Jul 14 – 15

1918: FMP Founded

Bernard Lutsky New York Building

Franklin Machine Products, Inc. was founded in New York City by Bernard Lutsky as a small shop manufacturing specialty components for commercial coffee urns.

1920-1929: FMP Finds its Market

FMP's business grew and flourished primarily as a manufacturer of specialty plumbing fittings for the foodservice industry.

1930-1939: FMP Grows with Economic Recovery

FMP's beer faucet became an instant success with the repeal of prohibition. The company grew as restaurant construction increased due to the recovering economy.

1940-1949: FMP Goes to War

FMP's production was geared to government contracts during World War II. The primary contract was for an item known as the "Windlass." This was mounted on an aircraft and would allow a target to be reeled out 5,000 feet for other pilots to use for target practice.

Some post-war production included ventures such as tricycles and "Vet Dinette" - a forerunner to today's lunch truck.

1948: FMP Moves

In 1948, FMP moved to Trenton, New Jersey.

Trenton Building

1950-1959: FMP Innovates

FMP concentrated on product innovation. The period saw the birth of the Chinese range faucet and glass rinsers.

1960-1969: FMP Innovates

FMP concentrated on product innovation. The period saw the birth of the lever handle waste, dipperwells, and other specialty plumbing items.

1975: FMP Secures its Reputation

FMP became the first wholesale distributor of parts to the Foodservice Industry.

In 1975, FMP released the Foodservice Industry's most extensive parts and accessories catalog.

1978: FMP Moves to Cherry Hill

In 1978, FMP moved to Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

1985: FMP Moves to Marlton

In 1985, FMP moved to facilities in Marlton, New Jersey.

Marlton Building

1993: FMP Sells the Accusharp®

In 1993, FMP started selling the Accusharp® Knife Sharpener. This product quickly became one of the company's top selling items.

1994: FMP Expands West

Las Vegas DC

In 1994, FMP's West Coast distribution center opened in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The year also saw the the introduction of the FMP 4-in-1 Digital Timer. It didn't take long for the 4-in-1 timer to become a staple item in the industry and FMP's number one selling product.

1998: FMP Goes Online

In 1998, FMP launched FMPOnline.com, the industry's first kitchen parts website. The website gave customers a new way to interact with FMP.

2001: FMP Online Catalog

In 2001, FMP expanded its presence on the web with the company's new online catalog. For the first time customers could order FMP parts over the internet.

2002: FMP Baffle Boss®

In 2002, the Baffle Boss® was created, bringing a safer method of hood filter extraction to the industry.

2003: FMP Moves to Lumberton

Lumberton, Company HQ

In 2003, FMP moved into its newly constructed world headquarters in Lumberton, New Jersey.

2007: FMP Franklin Filter / 8-in-1 Timer

The year 2007 saw the introduction of two exciting new products.

The Franklin Filter® offered a hinged baffle filter at the right price for the industry.

Capitalizing on the popularity of the 4-in-1 Timer, FMP developed the new 8-in-1 Timer which featured 8 timing channels and the ability to label each item being timed.

2011: FMP Franklin Filter Plus® / Basket Border

In 2011 FMP introduced a high efficiency version of the Franklin Filter® featuring baffle channel screens for maximum grease extraction.

In 2011 FMP also introduced the Basket Border, a fry basket divider. The Basket Border, a leap forward in small batch frying and cost savings, allowed the customer to convert most standard fry baskets into a divided basket and back.

2012: FMP Expands Facilities

FMP added a 40,000 square foot warehouse addition increasing our total facilities space to over 160,000 square feet.

FMP cannot currently predict the future and reserves the right to update this section once it becomes the past.